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 Biological Resonance 

Biological Resonance Therapy (BRT)

The oldest kind of biological resonance is sunlight. If light, as the electro-magnetic oscillation of a defined frequency, touches our skin it triggers off regulations, e.g. pigmentation or the formation of vitamin D. It is obvious that a large number of other frequencies, besides the frequency of ultra-violet light, also have some kind of effect on the organism. In the medical field, biological resonance means seeking and then passing on all the frequencies necessary for the stimulation and final regulation of the organism.

The concept of Biological Resonance refers to all tissues having an ideal electrical frequency that coordinates physiological activity. Specific conditions, such as inflammation, form altered frequency patterns that are stored in tissues and become inhibitors to this electrical current. These interfering frequency patterns may negatively influence physiological activities that can lead to pain and be detrimental to overall health.

Biological Resonance Therapy (BRT) is a gentle, but powerful form of physio-therapy. The frequency specific microcurrent machine uses a very small current that matches the body's own current. For this reason, a patient will not feel the current. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is the modality of choice for increased tissue healing.

BRT is measured in millionths of an amp. By comparison, a TENS unit and most other traditional electrotherapies produce milliamps, 1000 times less specific. BRT increases the production of ATP, your own chemical energy, by up to 500%. It also increases protein synthesis and waste product removal.

BRT utilizes hundreds of frequencies within the range of .01 to 999 Hz, with varying intensities of 20 to 600 micro amps (sub sensory to nerve firing), and has been shown to be of value to many health concerns. BRT using Frequency Specific Microcurrent is highly specialized and can be used alone, or with additional therapies as determined on a case-per-case basis.

It has been observed that specific frequencies seem to target different conditions in the tissues. In many cases the tissues will suddenly soften and become less painful when the correct combination of frequencies is set. This softening and the pain relief that comes with it seems to be long lasting and in some cases permanent.

The frequencies appear to work on the principle of biologic resonance. Just as a singer can shatter a glass when the note resonates with the structure of the glass, specific frequencies seem to be able to resonate with biologic tissue and change the aberrant patterns of that tissue. Once the tissue is changed and stable it seems to be able to stay in the new configuration.

The results produced by Biological Resonance Therapy have shown that specific frequencies rapidly restore ideal biological resonance in tissues, modulating inflammation and pain in a way previously thought impossible. For instance, in animal studies inflammation appears to present a certain frequency pattern that can be neutralized by applying the opposite pattern. By implementing BRT and complimentary nutritional protocols in your daily living, you can experience fast-acting and long-lasting pain relief where numerous other treatments have failed.

Microcurrent treatment is painless, increases speed of recovery, often promotes healing in conditions that have not responded to other treatment, and is cost effective. The effects are long lasting and the healing of tissue is more complete. There are no other therapies in medicine that are comparable to BRT.

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