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 Rosehip Seed Oil 

Cold pressed from the seeds of wild rose bushes growing in the southern Andes, Rosehip Seed Oil is nature's answer to skin imperfections. Often referred to as Mosqueta Rosehip Oil, this Omega-3 rich oil has been thoroughly tested over the past two decades. It has been shown to miraculously heal and rejuvenate damaged skin. Sun damage, age spots, and even old scars fade after as little as four months of use.

Studies on the effects of this oil that were done in the 1980s showed impressive results. In 1983, studies on patients with severe scarring showed improvements beyond what was thought possible. After a mere 4 months treatment, people with various types of damage and discoloration including burns, aging, acne, facial scarring, radiation, stretch marks, dermatitis, and other skin damage faded and skin began to revert to its original color.

Baby smooth skin without wrinkles, sun damage or discoloration was achieved by a separate test group in 1988. The group had sun damage from years of exposure before starting treatment and in 4 months time, the evidence of sun exposure was almost completely erased.

The high content of essential nutrients found in rosehip seed oil nourishes and repairs damaged skin. It contains vitamins A, E, and other essential nutrients including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. This oil is the only vegetable source of omega-3.

Rosehip seed oil is a natural source of retinoic acid. Retin-A, Renova and Tretinoin are all pharmaceutical preparations containing a synthetic source of retinoic acid which are being sold to treat wrinkles and the effects of premature aging and photo-aged skin.

Vitamin A delays the effects of age on cells and promotes cell regeneration. This makes skin more elastic decreasing wrinkles and giving a smoother and firmer look and feel. Skin looks younger because the cells are being replaced faster so in effect the skin is new.

Surgical and non-surgical scarring is reduced with the use of rosehip seed oil. Stretch marks fade away and leave behind smooth new skin. Burn patients have even noticed an improvement in scars. Elasticity that was lost with severe burns is regained through daily rosehip seed oil treatment. Perhaps it is due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the oil.

Rosehip seed oil is a natural moisturizer. The oil has a heavy scent and goes on light. It sinks into the skin quickly and can be used under cosmetics or alone. Since it sinks in quickly, this oil doesn't leave behind a greasy feeling.

This product is sold in many forms including creams, lotion, facial and massage oils. Straight rosehip seed oil is safely used on the skin. The small amount needed makes it possible to add this oil to creams and lotions and still get the full benefit.

Overall, it is possibly the most useful beauty aid. In addition to rejuvenating and preserving youthful skin, rosehip seed oils are useful in treating dry brittle nails and damaged hair. Coloring and permanent wave solutions destroy hair's natural shine and softness. Shampoos and conditioners with rosehip seed oils treat this damage.

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